About us

Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych is present on the market Since 1987. It started out as a small production plant owned and managed by two men and located in the garage belonging to one of the owners. Thanks to the professionalism and obstinacy of the owner – Bogdan Dojnikowski, the company has become one of the largest and well-known manufacturing companies in the region.

ZWM Dojnikowscy produces i.e.:

hall constructions

advertising constructions

floating platforms

industrial fencing

residential fencing

facade scaffoldings



ramps for the disabled




And also many other constructions in compliance with the customer’s project.

The offer also includes automation and garage doors from renowned manufactures such as:

Zakład Wyrobów Metolowych Dojnikowscy is known for its products in domestic and foreign markets. Continuous innovations, self-improvements, investment projects, upgrades, searching for new structural, technological and market solutions let the company present more and more interesting off er each year. Thanks to 30 years of experience, products are made with high precision at a high level. We belong to the most competitive and reliable companies in the region. The ultimate goal of our company is to provide the market with steel products of the highest quality. Experience and qualifi ed staff guarantee our customers high and stable quality as well as professional technical support, optimal for individual needs.

Modular floating platforms

For the first time Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych created a floating platform in 2011. Over the last five years, we have built dozens of such floating vessels throughout the country. Thanks to our experience, continuous development and consistency in action, we can guarantee satisfaction in using them.

Additionally, we inform that the range of our service includes:

Design and technical consultation

Construction of floating platforms

Delivery of equipment

Installation of the product

The platform is made of galvanized steel structure filled with material of high displacement: polystyrene or styrpodur, which provides long usage.

It is also possible to build the structure of stainless steel. Anchoring platforms on the water is done by means of concrete ballast or anchor piles. The number and weight of the ballast and the number and size of anchor piles is also adjusted to the size and orientation of the floating platform.

The segments can be combined in any configuration by the use of hinges and fasteners. These configurations may be in the shape of letters I, L, H, T, U or of a platform or any other. Single platforms are adapted so that change of the configuration and future upgrades are possible. The segments can be used to build bathing facilities or marinas.

Floating platforms can be installed on all waters, where is little water-waving. Their design perfectly fulfils recreation and sports functions. They can be used as lookout points, a place to take a walk, sunbathe or simply to enjoy oneself. In addition, the platform can be equipped with media and running water point. We are open to your suggestions and requirements. As professionals we believe in close cooperation between the company and the customer right from the start, allowing us to create an optimal solution for every investment. If you need comfort, functionality and independence – it is all here.

The surface is made of impregnated wood boards (softwood). For your safety, the boards are milled to prevent the user from slipping. Alternatively, you can choose either composite wood decking which is characterized by incredible durability, or exotic wood boards giving to the floating platform unique look and characteristics. Additionally, all the steel parts are galvanized.

Accesories and additional elements

Steel safety barriers

They ensure safety on a floating platform. sizes of the barriers match sizes of the platform modules, which allows installing barries on a floating platform system of any size.

Service pedestal

Used to provide the platform with electricity, running water and light. perfect for yacht marinas and private jetties. service pedestals are equipped with, inter alia, power sockets and water taps.


Made of stainless steel or galvanized steel allows easy entry and exit from the water.

Lifeguard tower

Tower with a seat, lifebouy and rescue quoit holder.


It is an essential element connecting floating platform to the waterfront. it makes getting on the platform easier and safer.

Half decks

Facilitating getting off low rowing boats or canoes.


They are used for fast fixing mooring ropes.

Mooring fingers

Used for safe mooring in yacht ports. thanks to their solid construction mooring fingers will work in all conditions. mooring fingers’ frame is made of galvanized steel.


We are very proud of each of our realizations.

Below you will find examples of projects that deserve special attention.

  • ZWM floating platforms are certified by Polish Register of Shipping.
  • Stability and buoyancy are confirmed with Certificate of Recognition of the product.
The following segments have the Polish Register of Shopping Certificate:
System “Wodnik 2”
Dimensions of a single segment [m]
2,4 x 6,0 x 0,52 2,9
2,4 x 8,0 x 0,52 2,9
2,4 x 10,0 x 0,52 2,9
2,4 x 12,0 x 0,52 2,9
System “Wodnik 3”
Dimensions of a single segment [m]
3,0 x 6,0 x 0,845 5,9
3,0 x 8,0 x 0,845 5,9
3,0 x 10,0 x 0,845 5,9
3,0 x 12,0 x 0,845 5,9

We offer platforms that do not have the Polish Register of Shipping Certificate (System ,,Wodnik4”), but they are made in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Register of Shopping Classifications and Inland Ship-building, so that they can be used as platforms for mooring small vessels (rowboat, kayaks, etc.).

System “Wodnik 4”
Dimensions of a single segment [m]
2,0 x 4,0 x 0,33 1,6
2,0 x 6,0 x 0,33 1,6

More detailed information regarding our offer can be found in our catalog which you can download below:

More detailed information regarding our offer can be found in our catalog which you can download below:

More detailed information regarding our offer can be found in our catalog which you can download below:


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas related to our offer.

ZWM Dojnikowscy Sp. z o.o.

Nr rachunku bankowego (ING Bank Śląski S.A.O. w Lublinie):
67 1050 1953 1000 0090 3064 3481
The company’s management
Emilia Dojnikowska-Michalska
Director of Commercial Department